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Monday, April 23, 2012

RS: The last one

Are you impressed with the work you have done? What was really great? What could have been better? How do you plan to retain all of this wonderful information you have learned? How do you plan to be a genius?

Wow, its already the end of the semester? How did this happen? How is it that im actually graduating college next spring? Time has deffinetly been flying over the past few years, and I even with all the stress and worries, I’d go back and slow down time just to experience it all over again. Eveyone always says college is the best time of your life, cherish it. But I’ve been preoccupied with learning and getting to class and going to work and finding an internship and making sure I don’t fail out of school for the past four years.

When it comes to macroeconomics, im totally impresed with the work I’ve done. When I saw micro and macro economics listed as required courses for a finance major, I thought, great, just another class to try to understand and retain only 0.05% of it. But I’ve actually learned so much, probably more than I wanted to, but definetly learned. The best part about this class has to be Professor Engel’s teaching method. He never made it feel like learning, and actually knew how to get and hold onto our attention during class. If he saw us getting annoyed he changed the subject for a few minutes or made us do something interactive with eachother. I don’t think anythign could have been better. I mean, come on. For a macroeconomics class? This one was pretty much on the dot. I never dreaded the class even though it started later than I would like (5 pm to 6:15 pm Mondays and Wednesdays), and that’s a pretty big deal. If I, Asma Sabrina Vohra, the greatest complainer on earth, don’t have something to complain about, then you’ve done a good job!

Retaining the information learned in both macro and micro shouldn’t be difficult. i don’t think I could forget it even if I tried, with all the memorization done to get good grades on the in class tests, and the hard work and effort it took to actually find some of the answers in the text book, I don’t think this information will be leaving me any time soon.

How do I plan to be a genius? Well, the very first blog post was about the article “how to be a genius”, where I came to the realization that its not about being born “smart”, but training your brain on a regular basis, making time for studying, and putting in 100% effort daily is the key to being the best student I can be. And also, to never think I have the answers to everything.

It’s been great, Russ.

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